Mike and I got the opportunity to interview James Lawrence, the “Iron-Cowboy”, last night. If you don’t know who James is, click here and give him a read – He’s an amazing individual. I’d give more background on him here but I’m in a hurry writing this and I want to be sure to get out the main points on why I sat down to do this post right now!
After James’ recording we had 8 key take-aways from when he was talking. Some of them he pointed out explicitly, some we dug from listening to the message he was conveying.
1) Know your destination, but be flexible in your approach
2) You’ve just got to start
3) There is no finish line in life
4) Make yourself accountable by telling those you care about the most what you’re trying to accomplish
5) Don’t be scared to do something now
6) Don’t limit yourself by comparing yourself to what others are doing or have accomplished
7) Adversity helps you appreciate the relationships in your life
8) In every great success, there lies a group of individuals in the background that helped it happen.
These 8 topics are in no particular order, and although every single one of them is great, I’m only going to talk about a couple that we have some strong thoughts on right now.

My thoughts on…

#3: This is something I first heard come from the mouth of David Goggins in an interview, and we got to touch on it a little with James after the show. He was familiar with Goggins, but hasn’t listened to too much of his content. We simply thought it was awesome to hear the exact same perspective on life from two amazingly accomplished and freak individuals. There’s something powerful in that thought process.
#4: This is what makes social media so great. I don’t care what anyone tells you – people who are doing hard stuff want other people to know about it. This is your opportunity to tell people the tough goals that you’re going after – and then when things get hard you can think “well, I can quit in front of everyone that read what I posted about, or I can suck it up and keep going because I’m not a quitter and I do what I say I’m going to do”.
#6: Mike and I spend so much of our day, everyday, trying to “decipher” how others around us in the world have achieved success, & unfortunately (I can’t speak for Mike) but this process has personally been both one of my biggest assets and liabilities at the same time – setting my standards of success in relation to what others have achieved. We don’t know how us telling you that can help you reading this, but we think it’s crucial to step back and realize that no one in the world will ever grow if we keep comparing our limitations to what’s already been done. The pioneers and the ones that will be written about in books will NOT be the ones who looked at what others have achieved and made that their standard. Other peoples standards are meaningless – It’s your life. No one can do what you can do with it.
#7: The greatest relationships Mike and I have in our life have been built in the most difficult times of our life. We have been lucky enough to learn to love times of adversity, because we know on the other end is a greater appreciation of life and more bountiful connections with the people who suffered with me. Appreciate the suffering – If it’s for the right reasons, it will always benefit you in the end.
#8: Appreciate those around you. Everyone in life is giving you something you can benefit from, whether it’s delivered in a positive format or negative. Perception is key, and gratitude is never overdone.