Episode 1 | Building the Candle Lab… and Burning it down?


Your business burns to the ground… so you go to lunch? Steve Weaver, ­who founded the Candle Lab with his wife in 2006, joins Josh and Mike to talk about starting his business in Columbus, and how it has grown from just a single shop in Worthington to a 7­-figure business with multiple locations throughout Ohio. We talk about everything from how you could make your perfect candle to what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


01:05 – Intro
03:25 – The problem with candles
05:01 – Getting started making candles
06:05 – Research and Development ­The Soy difference
10:05 – Steve talks about current tools for understanding customers
12:05 – Opening your first store and early marketing
15:05 – Process for making changes
16:35 – Why is Columbus a good place to start a business?
18:15 – Major Challenges for the Candle Lab
19:35 – What being an entrepreneur is really like
21:05 – What you do when your business burns to the ground? Get some lunch 23:25 ­How poker applies to business
26:35 – Should you be an entrepreneur?
28:35 – Transitioning from a store to e­commerce
30:30 – Scratch and sniff… computers?
31:42 – Differences for marketing online and in­store
33:35 – Matching the right scent with the right customer
36:40 – The process of making your own candle
39:15 – Scent as an interior design element
41:15 – The rise of customization
42:15 – Expanding beyond candles
46:05 – What Steve thinks about Columbus currently
49:50 – Key take­aways and closing remarks


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One Response to “Episode 1 | Building the Candle Lab… and Burning it down?

  • Thanks guys for having me on the first episode -it was a blast and I can’t wait to listen to future episodes and see where this project goes!

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