Episode 10 | Becoming a Leader and Pursuing your Goals with Tommy Rowlands


Tommy Rowlands, a former USA Wrestling National Team member and Buckeye, as well as the current VP of Sales at R.S. Hanline Co, joins Josh and Mike to discuss leadership, the value of hard work, and being obsessed with reaching your potential.

Episode Milemarkers:

01:05 – Josh tells a little about Tommy Rowlands
03:30 – Why did Tommy stay in Ohio for College?
05:00 – Why knowing who you are is important in life
06:40 – How self-awareness allows you to align skills, values, and talents to be successful
09:30 – Mentors and choosing your first boss
12:40 – Be obsessed with reaching your potential
14:00 – Let your goals be the guiding compass of your life
17:10 – “How can you ever be unhappy with what’s happened in the past, if you are completely satisfied with where you are at right now?”
19:40 – How did you recover from big losses or setbacks?
20:45 – Learning how to fail forward
22:00 – At any given moment, you might get your head knocked off
23:00 – Middle Break
23:40 – The competition never ends
26:45 – Transitioning from college into business
29:40 – The more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know anything
30:40 – Tommy’s mindset for improvement
34:00 – Adapting to being a leader of people
38:30 – In order to move up in a company, you have to create more value than what they are paying you
41:46 – END

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