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Matt Wald is a lifelong information technology enthusiast specializing in business growth and in placing collaboration at the center of innovation, leadership, and accelerated learning. Currently President & CEO of the Columbus Collaboratory, a unique advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions company, he works with large businesses to harness the power of collaboration to drive financial return, competitive advantage, and talent development. As a career corporate entrepreneur in business and technology innovation, he has launched or revived multiple businesses, and has led numerous successful national product launches, acquisitions, and exits valued from $5 million to $400 million.
Matt has been a practitioner of both the art and science of collaboration from technology implementation teams to corporate governance in the boardroom. Leveraging past work in technology commercialization, knowledge management, and lean startups, he has built related consulting practices and speaks on innovation and collaboration to drive strategy and results.

Matt holds an engineering degree in Computer and Information Science from The Ohio State
University. Named a “Who to Watch: Central Ohio” leader by Smart Business Magazine in 2017, he is an early stage technology company advisor, an observer on the board of Exacter, Inc., and a member of the Ohio Attorney General’s advisory board for CyberOhio, an initiative aimed at providing a collaborative cybersecurity environment for Ohio’s businesses.


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(00:03:15) Conquering Columbus Intro
(00:04:07) Introduction to Matt Wald
(00:05:20) Matt’s upbringing and childhood
(00:10:20) The Ohio State University
(00:12:15) Some of Matt’s first jobs out of college
(00:14:00) Entrepreneurship
(00:19:00) The beginning of Matt’s transition into business
(00:21:40) The skills and mindset that Matt used to grow his skills and career
(00:25:30) The path to The Columbus Collaboratory
(00:30:45) How the Collaboratory has grown and developed since Matt joined
(00:35:15) The Columbus Collaboratory’s market focus and product offerings/services
(00:39:45) The future for The Columbus Collaboratory and Matt
(00:43:20) Live Uncomfortably
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Matt Wald
The Columbus Collaboratory
Voice Metrics
Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
The SunDown Group
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