Episode 12 | Blake Compton of Compton’s Construction


How to break ties with business partners that you care about, start a company from the ground up, and turn a company into something sustainable are just a few of the topics that we cover with Blake Compton, founder of Compton Construction, on this episode. Compton Construction has evolved itself into one of the most respected and talented construction companies in Central Ohio, and in this episode we discuss how this came to be and we get to learn a little more about the mysterious, Blake Compton.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Patreon plug and Conquering Columbus intro to Blake Compton
01:45 – Blake Compton’s background
03:00 – How Blake got started in construction
06:30 – Blake’s first business & learning how to work with a large variety of people efficiently
10:25 – Branching out and starting Compton Construction
12:10 – Titles mean nothing and Josh lets his emails interrupt the show. again. for the 3rd time.
17:00 – How to manage relationships with business partners, even when you’re going separate ways
19:40 – Breweries
22:45 – Getting the right people on the bus and building out sustainable processes
25:30 – The Summit of Greatness plug
33:20 – What’s your story and how are you telling it?
34:30 – Marketing is different than advertising. Josh didn’t know this, and he still doesn’t get it I don’t think
37:00 – The Women’s Fund
40:00 – Compton Construction present day
40:30 – I want to work with people who “get it”… Josh makes sub-par “get it” joke
44:10 – Columbus Idea Foundry
53:00 – Shameless plug for Conquering Columbus
54:00 – Closing remarks

Compton Construction
The Summit of Greatness
Independents’ Day Festival
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