Episode 13 | Alex and Lacey Picazo


On probably one of the most fun episodes we’ve had to date we sit down with good friends, Alex and Lacey Picazo, to talk about their unique paths to entrepreneurship, what it took to create several successful and sustainable businesses, focusing on providing value in all aspects of your life to open up opportunities, and successfully managing time to accomplish everything that you want in life (which for them includes being business owners, friends, and now parents!).

Show Notes:

00:00 – Patreon
00:30 – Intro Music
01:38 – Background on Alex and Lacey
03:15 – Alex’s journey from Ohio State to entrepreneurship, landing a role with The Ohio State University’s wrestling program
08:50 – You’re always on a job interview
10:12 – Lacey’s Ohio State experience and journey to entrepreneurship/creating ZoCo Design
15:00 – Focusing on adding value to open up unforeseen opportunities
16:15 – Transiting from a freelancer into a business owner and leader
17:45 – Josh leaves ZoCo – ZoCo prospers and grows stronger as a result
18:45 – How the love birds met
20:30 – Marry strategically
21:06 – Alex’s path into real estate and taking an unpaid internship to learn and grow in a field he was passionate about after graduating
24:00 – Media Machine and Oranjudio
27:25 – Dealing with competition and differentiating yourself
29:00 – Columbus is a very welcoming and collaborative city
30:00 – Networking, man-dates, and following up
35:00 – Building a service-based business
40:00 – Adding more value than you are charging for
42:30 – Singularity and Lumos Innovations
48:30 – Wrapping things up and key episode takeaways


ZoCo Design
Oranjudio Recording Studio
Lumos Innovations
Alex Picazo – American Ninja Warrior
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