Episode 14 | 60 Minutes with Billionaire, Mike Novogratz


From Princeton grad & military helicopter pilot, to running 7 marathons in the Sahara desert and recovering from losing over a billion dollars in the 2008 crisis, Mr. Mike Novogratz takes us through his life journey. We also cover how athletics, primarily the sport of wrestling, helped shape him into the man he is today and what the future holds for him in a life post-Wall Street!

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro and background on Mr. Novogratz
03:10 – Mike’s childhood and introduction to the sport of wrestling
05:30 – Being a student-athlete at Princeton University
07:00 – Sports is as much in your head as it is in your training
10:15 – The creation of Beat The Streets
12:15 – Getting a wrestlers education
14:45 – Do we start competing too early in the United States?
17:00 – Why Princeton? Why the military? and Mike’s military experience
24:30 – What separated you and helped you rise at Goldman Sachs?
26:50 – It’s ALL about conquering your fear!
28:00 – When the world blows up you can either be a hero or a goat
28:30 – Always seek out mentors
32:30 – At 9 years old I was inspired by Rockefeller
33:00 – What was it inside of you that inspired you to want to be so successful?
35:45 – I felt like the “guy who gets it all, but wasn’t really ready for it”
37:15 – Running 7 marathons across the Sahara desert
38:00 – Mike’s 9/11 experience and how it shaped him
39:00 – Billion dollar Fortress Hedge Fund born on the back of a napkin
40:00 – My business grew from $300 million to $2.5 billion after I had this breakthrough
41:40 – 7 billion people and we’re all scared of the same thing – that we’re not enough…
43:30 – What Mike learned about himself as he grew in his career
48:00 – Recovering from a billion dollar loss in 2008 and the keys to creating a successful business
50:45 – What’s next for Mike Novogratz?
52:45 – I’ve got at least 30 great years left, maybe 50! And if when I die, Goldman Sachs is mentioned in my obituary, I haven’t succeeded…
54:30 – Josh tries to passively pitch Mr. Novogratz on investing in Conquering Columbus – Mr. Novogratz passively declines lol
55:40 – If you screw up, somebody’s still going to love you
57:30 – What living uncomfortably means to Mike Novogratz and closing remarks


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