Episode 18 | The Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle with Sara Grandominico


We sit down with Vegan, Health Blogger, and our Webmaster’s (Joe) WIFE, Sara Grandominico, to talk about the benefits of a plant-based diet, growing a successful blog and social media following built around your passion, and the keys to living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining that lifestyle with a busy schedule.


00:00 Intro to Sara Grandominico and Beaming Banana
04:00 Sara’s background and time at Ohio State getting her undergraduate and master’s degree
05:10 Significant professors and mentors throughout undergrad and graduate school
06:00 HDFS
07:20 Teaching kindergarten is “an adventure”
09:20 When “true health” became a center point of Sara’s life
12:30 How did changing your diet change your quality of life?
15:50 What is being a vegan?
19:45 How to be a vegan and get the proper nutrients in your diet at the same time
22:14 ZoCo Design Plug
23:15 Back to getting the proper nutrients in while eating a plant-based diet
25:00 The journey of starting a blog, how to grow it successfully, and where the ideas come from
28:45 The key metrics to growing your blog
31:00 If it helps even just one person, it’s worth the work
32:00 Juggling a healthy lifestyle with a busy lifestyle
34:40 Handling stress and difficulty in life with exercise
35:55 The importance of developing strong, beneficial, and healthy routines that are tailored to your personal goals
37:40 Sara’s goals for herself and the future of Beaming Banana
39:10 Would you ever leave teaching to pursue a life as a full-time blogger?
40:00 Good places to shop for a healthy lifestyle?
42:00 Closing remarks from Sara on living a healthy lifestyle
43:30 Closing remarks from Conquering Columbus & Outro


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