Episode 182 | Condado Tacos


Joe Kahn created Condado Tacos in 2014. Joe began his restaurant experience as a busboy at Sizzler in Chicago. After bussing, washing dishes, and serving at several more restaurants, Joe went all the way to Colorado for his first bartending experience (but not before he spent some time as a roller-skating server in Boulder). Joe returned to Chicago at 23 to bartend at The Outpost in Wrigleyville, where he soon found himself in management. From there, Joe began consulting for new restaurants and found his way to the idea of Condado. His goal was to create a relaxed hangout spot focused on menu innovation and delicious, made-from-scratch ingredients where people could enjoy good food that also wouldn’t break the bank. The result is Condado Tacos, Columbus’ go-to taco joint that is quickly expanding throughout the Midwest.


(00:00:00) Opening remarks
(00:00:45) Small Biz Cares
(00:01:18) The SunDown Group
(00:01:44) FMX
(00:02:18) Conquering Columbus Intro
(00:03:10) Introduction to Joe Kahn
(00:04:25) Background and path to Condado Tacos
(00:07:00) Early career in the food service industry
(00:09:25) Taking Condado Tacos from ideation to creation
(00:13:00) The early days of the first Condado Tacos location
(00:15:00) What makes Condado Tacos different?
(00:17:32) Mix Wonders
(00:20:40) Scaling Condado Tacos
(00:25:00) Managing and operating Condado Tacos present day
(00:26:50) Building a vertical management structure at Condado Tacos
(00:29:11) How Joe’s role at Condado Tacos has changed over the years
(00:30:40) The design and artwork within Condado Tacos
(00:32:50) Expanding Condado Tacos outside of Columbus
(00:33:37) The goals for the foreseeable future for Condado Tacos
(00:34:52) The biggest obstacle(s) for Condado Tacos moving forward
(00:35:35) Live Uncomfortably
(00:36:42) Closing remarks
(00:37:03) Like, subscribe, and share Conquering Columbus
(00:37.27) Small Biz Cares
(00:38:00) The SunDown Group
(00:38:25) FMX
(00:38:56) Conquering Columbus Outro


Condado Tacos
Joe Kahn
Mix Wonders
Small Biz Cares
The SunDown Group
Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
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