Episode 183 | NCT Ventures


Lindsay is a Partner, as well as Chief Legal Counsel and Fund Manager, for NCT Ventures, a Midwest-focused venture firm based here in Columbus, Ohio.


(00:00:00) Opening remarks
(00:00:52) Small Biz Cares
(00:01:30) The SunDown Group
(00:01:52) FMX
(00:02:27) Conquering Columbus Intro
(00:03:20) Introduction to Lindsay Karas Stencel
(00:04:10) Background and path to NCT Ventures
(00:11:20) Starting off in venture capital
(00:13:30) Finding mentors in the early days of venture capital
(00:15:50) Lindsay’s opinion on the current state of venture capital
(00:17:48) Mix Wonders
(00:18:40) East coast vs west coast venture capital
(00:23:10) Lindsay’s day-to-day
(00:25:05) Lindsay starts her own law firm
(00:28:15) Lindsay’s approach to being successful in the professional world
(00:29:30) Lindsay’s teaching experience & other side projects
(00:31:30) Lindsay’s work-life balance
(00:33:30) Lindsay’s current initiatives at NCT Ventures
(00:35:30) Juggling founder expectations and desires with investor expectations and desires
(00:37:55) Lindsay’s goals for the foreseeable future
(00:38:55) Live Uncomfortably
(00:40:35) Closing remarks
(00:40:55) Like, subscribe, and share Conquering Columbus
(00:41:20) Small Biz Cares
(00:41:54) The SunDown Group
(00:42:20) FMX
(00:42:50) Conquering Columbus Outro


NCT Ventures
Lindsay Karas Stencel
Mix Wonders
Small Biz Cares
The SunDown Group
Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
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