Episode 185 | Columbus Idea Foundry


Alex Bandar founded the Columbus Idea Foundry, a community of makers, designed to inspire creativity and help their members bring out new ideas and unleash their passion to make things; from learning to weld, make video games, launch a startup, or even just take a class or two, you can do it all at the Idea Foundry. Casey McCarty now serves as CEO of the Idea Foundry. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our conversation with her!


(00:00:00) Opening remarks
(00:00:44) Small Biz Cares
(00:01:20) The SunDown Group
(00:01:44) FMX
(00:02:17) Conquering Columbus Intro
(00:03:12) Introduction to Alex Bandar
(00:04:00) What’s new at the Idea Foundry since our last episode together back in 2017
(00:06:28) The renovation of the Idea Foundry
(00:08:55) The different cultures at work within the Idea Foundry and how they fit together
(00:11:15) Casey McCarty as the new CEO at the Idea Foundry
(00:16:28) Mix Wonders
(00:17:20) The key initiatives going at the Idea Foundry today & the goals for the foreseeable future
(00:20:40) The challenges for the Idea Foundry
(00:23:40) Lead Read Today
(00:28:30) Alex’s day-to-day responsibilities
(00:34:30) Live Uncomfortably
(00:35:40) Closing remarks
(00:36:18) Like, subscribe, and share Conquering Columbus
(00:36:44) Small Biz Cares
(00:37:18) The SunDown Group
(00:37:42) FMX
(00:38:12) Conquering Columbus Outro


Alex Bandar
Columbus Idea Foundry
Mix Wonders
Small Biz Cares
The SunDown Group
Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
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