Episode 187 | Vistage


Perry Maughmer is a Chair for Vistage here in Central Ohio. Vistage is an invite-only peer group for CEO’s and Business leaders, which provides a space for people who run their businesses to discuss challenges with their peers. Before Vistage, Perry served in a variety of leadership roles for companies like Alliance Data, Idegy, and American Ear Hearing and Audiology.


(00:00:00) Opening remarks
(00:00:45) Small Biz Cares
(00:01:20) The SunDown Group
(00:01:45) FMX
(00:02:18) Conquering Columbus Intro
(00:03:14) Introduction to Perry Maughmer
(00:04:19) Background and path to Vistage
(00:09:40) Small companies vs large companies
(00:10:45) From MBA to Vistage
(00:13:05) First finding Vistage, joining, and how the role has evolved for Perry
(00:14:30) “You have more impact being quiet…”
(00:17:15) Leadership development
(00:19:27) Mix Wonders
(00:20:18) Leadership development (part 2)
(00:21:28) Perry’s leadership tenants
(00:25:30) The most common challenges Perry sees leaders facing
(00:27:40) Retaining and developing leaders
(00:29:15) Perry’s goals for the foreseeable future
(00:33:00) Perry’s passions outside of Vistage and developing leaders
(00:37:45) Live Uncomfortably
(00:39:24) Closing remarks
(00:39:55) Like, subscribe, and share Conquering Columbus
(00:40:20) Small Biz Cares
(00:40:54) The SunDown Group
(00:41:20) FMX
(00:41:50) Conquering Columbus Outro


Perry Maughmer
Mix Wonders
Small Biz Cares
The SunDown Group
Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
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