Episode 21 | John Rush on Creating a successful Social Enterprise, Running for Office, and Philosophy on Life


On this episode we sit down with Serial Social Entrepreneur, CEO of CleanTurn, and candidate for OH State Representative, Mr. John Rush. John is an extremely intelligent individual that is well versed in a variety of fields – During our time together we cover how to create a successful social enterprise (from raising money, to creating your missing, and beyond), why John is running for office, and a little bit about the meaning & purpose of life – and how to get the most out of yours!
John Rush


00:00 Patreon plug, AWH plug, Conquering Columbus Intro
01:54 Our guest, John Rush, and his background overview
05:00 Overview of John’s earlier days, from growing up in poverty, to the Marines, to all of the colleges he’s attended
07:45 CleanSlate and the transition into creating CleanTurn
10:05 Raising $300k and structuring a social enterprise
13:35 Formulating your mission, ownership structure, and ownership percentage
18:00 We started with 6 business lines, and we ended with 3
25:25 Why run for office?
29:30 Can you become substantially wealthy through Social Entrepreneurship?
35:00 What “Live Uncomfortably” means to John Rush
40:30 Closing remarks, AWH plug, and Conquering Columbus Outro


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CleanTurn Enterprises
Citizens for Rush
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