Episode 23 | Nichole Dunn on Giving a voice and visibility to issues that impact women and girls!


On this episode we sit down with Nichole Dunn, CEO of The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio. Nichole Dunn talks about how she got to where she is today, what The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio stands for, the initiatives that they’re involved in, some of the things we as a community in Columbus can do to help their cause, and her personal outlook on what it takes to become successful in life both as a man and as a woman.


00:00 – Patreon plug, AWH Plug, Max Effort Muscle Plug, & Conquering Columbus Intro Music
02:30 – Background on Nichole Dunn & intro to the show
03:30 – What is The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, and what does it do?
06:00 – Are the issues that the Women’s Fund combats everyday relevant here in Central Ohio, in our own backyard?
07:45 – Nichole’s college experience and earlier days before coming to Columbus
11:00 – How can I make the greatest change and impact, and what is it that I ultimately care about?
17:30 – What is a gender norm? Are we conscience of societies gender biases?
22:30 – How is The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio structured, and what are some of the initiatives you are working on?
25:00 – Philanthropy as a form of leadership
26:00 – Talking statistics!
32:00 – What can the community do to help?
35:30 – The future for The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio and Nichole Dunn
37:40 – Nichole shuts Josh’s question down with a profound statement on how to approach your future the right way & connect with people on a deeper level
39:30 – “Would people describe you as those things that you care about?”
40:00 – What “Live Uncomfortably” means to Nichole Dunn – become comfortable with the discomfort!
42:00 – Closing remarks, AWH plug, and Conquering Columbus outro music


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