Episode 3 | T­-Shirts with a Cause, Andrew and Natasha of Outfit Good


How can businesses be for­-profit but still give back to their communities? Starting from a garage in Columbus, Andrew and Natasha, Co­Founders of Outfit Good, have grown their business over 200% annually the last 3 years, all while giving 50% of their profits back to causes in their local community. Hear their story and learn about how for-­profit business can still make an impact.


01:03 – Intro
02:33 – What is screen printing?
04:33 – Life before Outfit Good
07:23 – What’s the difference? Why isn’t Outfit Good a non­profit?
10:03 – Boards, Non­profits, and why small businesses move quickly
13:33 – For­Profit with a cause
15:53 – Giving away 50% of your profits
17:03 – Making it over the hump
20:03 – Learning on the fly
22:03 – Doing what it takes for your customers
23:53 – Causes Outfit Good is currently supporting
27:03 – Growing a business in Columbus
30:03 – The 5 degrees of Kevin Bacon
30:33 – The highs and lows of owning your own business
33:33 – Quitting your job
35:33 – Electricians and how Josh almost let Mike die
38:03 – Valuing Integrity and Reputation over growth
39:03 – End game and being grateful
44:03 – Wrap up and Closing remarks


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