Episode 32 | The Black Lens by Christopher Stollar


In honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and in celebration of The Black Lens recently winning the Grand Prize at the Self Published eBook Awards, we welcome Columbus-based author, Christopher Stollar. Christopher has an extensive background in journalism, which he has leveraged over the last 5-years to write an award winning thriller on the terrors of human trafficking. Although the novel is fiction, it’s based off of hours of thorough research and real-life testimonials, and it takes you first-hand through the terrors of being stuck in the world of human trafficking. In this interview we talk with Chris about the process of writing a book, how he went about his research, why he chose the topic to write about that he did, the best methods for getting a book published, and what the future looks like for him with respect to writing!

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00:02:52 Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:03:56 Intro to Christopher Stollar and The Black Lens wins the Grand Prize at the Self-Published eBook awards
00:05:30 Background on Chris, starting as a journalist out in Oregon
00:06:45 What got you interested in writing?
00:08:15 What inspired you to write a piece of fiction, and ultimately The Black Lens?
00:10:45 What does the research process on sex trafficking look like as a journalist?
00:12:10 What is sex trafficking?
00:13:30 What was the process like from idea to creation with the book?
00:17:10 What was it like interviewing the victims as you were doing research for the book?
00:20:30 Instead of starting with a cause, start with a story
00:20:00 Writer’s block & the writing process
00:25:00 Publishing a book
00:29:00 What feedback did you get once the book was released?
00:29:45 Pulling it back to publishing a book, because we like to keep you on your toes
00:31:45 Spreading awareness of the book and the future for Chris
00:34:00 The Black Lens
00:35:30 Statistics, they’re tricky
00:36:20 How can people help in the fight against sex trafficking?
00:38:30 What does Live Uncomfortably mean to you?
00:39:40 Closing remarks
00:40:45 Outro, Subscribe to Conquering Columbus Plug, AWH Plug, Max Effort Muscle Plug, ProKure Klean Plug


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