Episode 33 | Validating the Asterisk with Joe DeLoss


Joe DeLoss, Founder & Head Fryer at Hot Chicken Takeover, sits down with us to talk about his background, business successes/failures leading up to Hot Chicken Takeover, the “why” behind creating Hot Chicken Takeover, what his hiring process is like and how he separates those to bring on the team vs those to not, and finally what the future looks like for Hot Chicken Takeover and himself (hint, it’s big!).

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00:03:22 Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:04:25 Welcoming our guest, Joe DeLoss
00:04:45 Typical day in the life of Joe DeLoss
00:06:00 Life before Hot Chicken Takeover
00:11:30 Is Hot Chicken Takeover a social enterprise, or a company that hires good employees that other companies are overlooking?
00:17:00 When hiring employees with troubled backgrounds, how do you identify those to let in and who to keep out?
00:22:45 What’s the hiring process like at Hot Chicken Takeover?
00:25:00 Hot Chicken Takeover is opening new locations!
00:30:45 Who have been your mentors along the way?
00:33:45 How is the growth affecting your role with and within in the company?
00:35:00 The companies Hot Chicken Takeover “looks up to”
00:36:35 Taking feedback & driving decisions based on instinct
00:39:30 Growth & development within Hot Chicken Takeover
00:42:40 Joe’s long term goals with Hot Chicken Takeover and personally
00:45:30 What does “Live Uncomfortably” mean to Joe DeLoss?
00:48:30 Final remarks from Joe and how Columbus can (continue to) support Hot Chicken Takeover
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00:53:45 Conquering Columbus Outro Music


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