Episode 34 | Pint House, Forno, and Standard Hall with Reed Woogerd


Director of Operations for some of Columbus’ hottest spots, including Forno, Standard Hall, and Pint house, Reed Woogerd, sits down with us. Reed takes us through his earlier days, his life under an entrepreneurial father, his wildcard trip to New Zealand, and his path to meeting Chris Corso & helping create and grow Corso Ventures. Some of the other topics we cover are urinals being ripped off the walls, crazy photo booth photos at Pint House, and what the future looks like for Columbus’ nightlife!

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00:02:25 Conquering Columbus intro music
00:03:30 Intro to Reed & the typical day in the life of Reed
00:05:40 Urinals snapped off the wall and furniture needs fixed
00:06:30 The craziest things Reed has seen on the Pint House photo booth
00:07:25 Reed’s childhood and earlier days
00:11:40 Reed moves down under!
00:17:40 What do you think helped you meet so many influential people and have so many extraordinary experiences?
00:19:40 Reed makes it back to the states!
00:20:40 Fake it until you make it! Even if it is only for $32k/year…
00:23:40 Chris and Reed’s first encounter
00:26:10 We’re trying to serve great drinks, to great people, who are trying to have a great time
00:28:25 Creating the Park Street Complex
00:29:40 Corso Ventures is born!
00:32:40 Forno
00:35:40 Reed’s genius event creating strategies
00:36:40 Art, baby!
00:41:20 The future for Corso Ventures
00:43:10 Reed’s personal goals
00:44:40 Will you ever expand outside of Columbus?
00:47:10 How do you think the city will evolve, with respect to restaurants and bars, as the future rolls on?
00:49:40 What does Live Uncomfortably mean to you?
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  • I am Sondras half sister she is so proud of you. Is Jack Waddell related to you. Best of luck to you in all you do. Janet Maull, Milton Delaware

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