Episode 35 | The story of Nancy Kramer & the path from startup to an IBM acquisition


Nancy Kramer, Founder & Chairman of Resource/Ammirati, which was recently acquired by IBM, takes us through the journey of creating one of the largest independently owned digital marketing agencies in the country. We cover everything from Nancy’s childhood and family, to landing Apple as her first customer and what her life is like today as the Chief Evangelist for IBM iX.

Mile Markers:

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00:00:38 AWH
00:01:05 SunDown RunDown Group
00:01:28 ProKure Klean
00:01:58 Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:03:00 Introduction to Nancy Kramer
00:03:50 A day in Nancy Kramer’s life today
00:04:45 Columbus Smart City Grant
00:06:35 Making high level decisions before and after the acquisition – Why join IBM?
00:08:00 Artificial Intelligence
00:10:25 Nancy’s childhood
00:11:35 Josh & Nancy bond over Swahili, Hujambo!
00:12:00 Nancy goes to Africa & her path to creating Resource/Ammirati
00:14:30 Nancy’s path to landing Apple as her first customer
00:17:20 Nancy’s role in Resource/Ammirati in the early days
00:20:00 Growing & scaling Resource/Ammirati
00:23:30 We had to constantly reinvent ourselves
00:24:15 Most memorable projects to date
00:26:00 Data driving business decisions
00:26:30 Personal growth, struggles, and achievements
00:28:30 Out of all the companies that made offers to acquire Resource/Ammirati, why did you choose IBM?
00:30:00 What was the acquisition process like?
00:34:25 What were your personal emotional like during the acquisition, before, during, and after?
00:36:25 What are the responsibilities and expectations of the Chief Evangelist at a company like IBM?
00:37:15 Significant mentors in Nancy’s life and career
00:39:40 What do you think of Columbus as a place to do business and as a home?
00:43:20 Nancy’s family
00:45:30 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
00:46:30 What does “Live Uncomfortably” mean to you?
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00:47:30 AWH
00:48:00 SunDown RunDown Group
00:48:30 ProKure Klean
00:49:00 Conquering Columbus Outro Music


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Resource/Ammirati, an IBM Company
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