Episode 36 | Dr. Gayle Gordillo


Dr. Gayle Gordillo, MD sits down to talk with us about her path to becoming one of the country’s premier researchers and practitioners in the field of plastic surgery. From her start at Stanford to her path to Columbus, we cover Dr. Gordillo’s childhood, what helped drive her through some of the most grueling academic and professional environments in the world, and all of the cutting-edge research that she’s involved in today.

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00:03:20 Intro to Dr. Gayle Gordillo
00:04:50 Stanford
00:06:30 Monkey research
00:09:00 Childhood & family
00:12:40 Medical school
00:16:00 National Institute of Health
00:18:00 What all does plastic surgery entail?
00:20:15 Managing research and med school at the same time
00:24:20 Residency, with no limitation on the number of hours you can work
00:31:30 Mentorship
00:38:40 Some of the research that Dr. Gordillo’s working on today
00:51:50 Gene therapy
00:54:00 The journey and what helped separate Dr. Gordillo in her field
00:59:00 Are you unique in your field?
01:00:00 What makes Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State so unique?
01:03:08 Advice for aspiring medical students & Ohio State Medical School hopefuls
01:03:45 How to help Dr. Gordillo in her research & closing remarks
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