Episode 37 | Becoming elite in your field with World Medalist, Brandon Wynn


Former Ohio State NCAA & Big Ten Champion in Men’s Gymnastics, 3x World Team Member, World Medalist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Cover Model, Brandon Wynn, sits down with us to talk about this path to finding the sport of gymnastics, reaching the pinnacle of the sport, and what his goals are for the future post-gymnastics. Some key takeaways from the episode are Brandon’s theories on reaching an “elite” level in any field of your life, while also how to enjoy every step along the way.

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00:02:10 Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:03:10 Intro to Brandon Wynn & accomplishments
00:04:30 Still reading Brandon’s accomplishments….
00:05:15 Post 2016 Olympic Trials
00:09:15 How’d you get into gymnastics?
00:10:45 Brandon’s parents
00:12:30 Men’s gymnastics, from 10,000ft
00:17:25 I decided I wanted to be a “student of the rings”
00:19:30 What is “training really hard” to Brandon Wynn?
00:22:10 Training for 8 hours a day without injury for decades
00:24:30 Juggling trying to be best in the world in gymnastics and excelling in college academics
00:26:45 What was it like trying to “rise to the level” after making it to Ohio State?
00:27:45 What was your team like at Ohio State? How did your teammates effect you and shape you?
00:29:15 Personally, what are your biggest accomplishments and regrets from your college gymnastics career?
00:33:15 Competing at the international level
00:34:45 Coaches
00:40:50 Rising to your peak level at the appropriate time
00:44:15 Biggest accomplishments and disappointments internationally
00:46:10 Competing in a sport where your score can be based on subjectivity
00:47:15 Brandon’s future goals post-gymnastics
00:50:30 How can you apply your lessons from being an elite level gymnast to other aspects of life?
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