Episode 38 | The Connector of Everyone, Timothy Wolf Starr


Interim Director at Connects Columbus, Founder of the Small Business Beanstalk, Partner at Atlas Community Partners, and proclaimed (by former guest Steve Weaver) “Connector of Everyone” (Timothy) Wolf Starr sits down with us to talk about his path from dropping out of college to establishing himself as a high-level leader in several businesses before embracing his entrepreneurial spirit and creating several successful companies. Wolf goes into depth with us on his ability to leverage his strengths (and weaknesses), overcoming dyslexia (or embracing it), his thoughts on the City of Columbus as a place to live and do business, and what the future looks like for both himself and the areas of the city that he’s heavily affiliated with (which is about every area of the city you can think of).

Mile Markers:

00:00:00 Episode 38, Tim Wolf Starr
00:00:20 Subscribe to Conquering Columbus
00:00:38 AWH
00:01:05 SunDown Group
00:01:25 ProKure Klean
00:01:50 Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:02:52 Intro to (Tim) Wolf Starr
00:04:15 The “typical day”
00:05:20 What is your professional focus today & your goals in your position?
00;07:00 Mike sweats a lot (A LOT) when he eats spicy foods. Shout out to Mikey’s Late Night Slice
00:07:45 Why did you choose to leave college?
00:08:55 Where did you grow up? Short North in the 80’s!
00:09:58 Where do you see the most growth occurring across Columbus over the next 10-15 years?
00:12:30 What were you “studying” during your short stint at Ohio State?
00:13:25 How did you find the company that you chose to leave Ohio State & work at?
00:14:05 I caught the entrepreneurial bug
00:15:30 How’d you develop high level skills “on the job” and balance managing people that were older and/or “more educated” than you?
00:16:30 Dyslexia. I see things differently.
00:19:50 You need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses in order to get respect from anyone… Then turn those weaknesses into strengths!
00:21:00 The Small Business Bean Stalk
00:29:25 How have you managed to create so many successful events/festivals here in Columbus?
00:31:15 Selling The Small Business Bean Stalk, CD 102.5, and Connects Columbus
00:36:00 Connects Columbus & Wolf’s role with the company (Small Business Bean Stalk 2.0)
00:38:30 Pros and Cons of living and doing business in Columbus, from Wolf’s perspective
00:40:45 The Whopper-McChicken
00:42:45 The future for Wolf
00:45:15 What does “Live Uncomfortably” mean to you?
00:46:45 Who do you look up to and what motivates you?
00:50:00 Final words
00:50:20 Subscribe to Conquering Columbus
00:50:50 AWH
00:51:19 SunDown Group
00:51:38 ProKure Klean
00:52:05 Conquering Columbus Outro Music


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