Episode 39 | From $5 million to $100 Million Annual Revenue, Randy Dean


President of Fast Switch, one of the fastest growing, privately-held, IT staffing companies in the nation, sits down with us to to talk about his childhood, high school with experience with classmate Brad Pitt, path to an MBA at the University of Michigan, growing his current company, Fast Switch, from $5-million/year in revenue to $100-million/year in revenue, and Fast Switch’s path to achieving their goal of $1-billion/year in revenue!

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00:00:00 Randy Dean
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00:00:35 AWH
00:01:02 The SunDown Group
00:01:20 ProKure Klean
00:01:46 Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:03:00 Intro to Randy
00:04:45 Randy’s background
00:05:30 Randy goes to high school with Brad Pitt
00:06:30 Greatness breeding greatness
00:08:40 Randy’s dad’s business
00:11:00 Drury University & the University of Michigan
00:14:30 Competition with relatives and siblings
00:17:00 Picking the right business partner
00:18:45 Balancing gut instinct, feedback from others, and intuition
00:21:00 Professional life up until Fast Switch
00:24:30 The point of negative sales
00:25:30 Growing from $5-million/year to $100-million/year in revenue
00:32:30 Interviewing top level talent
00:34:00 Advice for listeners in Columbus
00:37:00 What does “Live Uncomfortably” mean to you?
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00:43:05 The SunDown Group
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