Episode 4 | Conquering Rio, with Wrestling Olympians Tervel Dlagnev and Kyle Snyder


In this episode, Columbus based Olympians Tervel Dlagnev and Kyle Snyder talk about their upbringing, path to finding wrestling, what aspects drew them to wrestling, how they’ve been able to reach the pinnacle of the sport, the battles they’ve faced along the way, and much more!

Some of the key topics covered in the episode are noted below:

Episode Milemarkers

01:03 – Introduction to Tervel and Kyle
03:08 – Tervel’s early life and path to America
05:25 – Kyle’s childhood and putting 100 pounds on in Middle School
07:05 – What drew Tervel to Wrestling?
09:10 – “I just liked Winning.”
13:10 – The purest form of motivation
17:14 – Tervel’s college mentality and experience with OCD
21:10 – Being honest with yourself under high-pressure (And Mike and Josh get teched by Logan)
25:30 – Kyle chooses Ohio State and Columbus
29:48 – Kyle’s first loss and his first NCAA finals
33:12 – Discovering your true motivations and continuous improvement
37:18 – Tervel’s battle to stay healthy
39:35 – Kyle’s the Guinea Pig
41:45 – Kyle’s perspective on Tervel and the past 2 years
43:25 – Upcoming Olympics, nerves, and the Zika Virus
47:15 – “Winning is always a motivator,” Tervel’s first Olympics and what he learned from it
52:40 – Tervel’s hope for life after the olympics
53:15 – Tervel’s battle with injuries again
55:30 – Tervel and Kyle’s thoughts on growing wrestling


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