Episode 40 | Air Force One, Greg Guy


We sit down with the CEO of the Columbus, Ohio based company, Air Force One. Air Force One has hundreds of employees, has been around since 1984, and is known for delivering superior service & quality to all of their customers in the facilities services space. Greg’s father, Bill, founded the company here in Central Ohio, and they now have 7-divisions and a national reach under Greg’s guidance. Greg talks with us about his path coming up through the business, the different roles he held until he became CEO, the challenges of leading people, the immense importance of personal development and self improvement, how he likes to spend his free time, and how him and his wife, Lisa Ingram (CEO of WhiteCastle), balance work and life and even bounce ideas off of each other. This episode is jam packed with wisdom and inspiration from Greg, but we did miss one important question “how in the world did he manage to get airforceone.com?”… Until next time!

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00:00:30 AWH
00:01:03 The SunDown Group
00:01:23 ProKure Klean
00:01:48 Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:02:57 Intro to Greg & Heli-skiing
00:05:00 Greg’s background
00:07:30 Greg’s experience with Air Force One in his 20’s
00:08:30 Biting off more than you can chew
00:09:30 When you give people an opportunity to step up, they can really surprise you sometimes
00:10:40 Greg’s initial roles with Air Force One, and how they evolved over time
00:14:40 Don’t try to be everything to everybody
00:17:30 What helped Air Force One differentiate itself?
00:21:00 Developing trust with prospects
00:23:00 Leading with principles and values
00:25:30 Building your culture
00:28:30 Go public with what you’re working on
00:30:00 Becoming the CEO of Air Force One
00:32:00 Greg’s siblings
00:32:45 Greg’s day-to-day
00:34:00 Two successful CEO’s married to each other and balancing life/business
00:36:00 Greg’s mentors and role models
00:38:00 Live Uncomfortably
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00:41:17 AWH
00:41:45 The SunDown Group
00:42:05 ProKure Klean
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