Episode 41 | Chris Warner, Mountain Climber, CEO, and Emmy Nominated Filmmaker


We talk with Chris Warner, one of the world’s most accomplished mountain climbers, CEO of a company that serves over 1 millions customers a year, and an Emmy nominated filmmaker. Chris has climbed nearly all of the world’s tallest peaks, and is one of less than 400 humans to have made the summit of K2 and lived. From his passion for mountain climbing, Chris has created Earth Treks, an indoor climbing gym that serves over 1 million customers every year. He also produced an Emmy nominated documentary on his climb of K2, and has given speeches at companies as big as Google on leadership. On top of all of this, Chris is a best-selling author of High Altitude Leadership, and we were lucky enough to discuss all his adventures with him on this episode.

Episode Milemarkers:

00:00:00 Intro and sponsors
00:03:05 Mike and Josh introduce Chris
00:04:00 Chris’s childhood and his passion for adventure
00:05:15 The tallest mountain in New Jersey
00:08:30 Sleeping on a kitchen table 5,000 feet up
00:09:25 Losing your cookpot means losing your water
00:09:50 Chris talks about falling hundreds of feet down the mountain
00:10:55 Why risk your life to climb mountains?
00:12:20 The best are most excited when failure is a real possibility
00:13:50 Priding yourself on making the right decision, even when that means turning back before the peak
00:15:30 When helping others comes before your own goals
00:18:00 Having the courage to climb up after watching someone fall 5,000 feet to their death
00:22:30 Chris’s summit of K2 and his Emmy nominated documentary
00:27:05 Trust between teammates is more important than having the most talent
00:29:00 Relationships are the most important thing in life
00:29:45 How Chris started Earth Treks
00:33:15 We don’t put near enough effort into learning to be great leaders
00:35:45 Chris’s book, High Altitude Leadership
00:37:20 Finding the craft in anything you do
00:38:15 Chris’s family and the most impressive people he has led on expeditions
00:41:50 The one word that drove the Ravens to win the Superbowl
00:43:00 The two questions you are judged on in life
00:45:10 Closing remarks
00:45:30 Sponsorships and end


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One Response to “Episode 41 | Chris Warner, Mountain Climber, CEO, and Emmy Nominated Filmmaker

  • william fischer
    1 month ago

    Hi Chris, It’s Bill Fischer from the Bergenfield NJ day’s.Listened to your pod cast and enjoyed enjoyed it very much.I never really left Dodge but i definitely have a few stories of my own. Well i’m glad to see your still alive and hope all is well.

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