Episode 42 | Troy Allen, flammable snow globes, Rise Brands, and creating an experience people will love


A nice little chat with Rise Brands (16-Bit Bar & Arcade and Pins Mechanical) Founder, Troy Allen – Troy tells us about his path from designing highly flammable, and possibly explosive, snow globes to creating several successful companies like Elevate Thinking & Rise Brands. Troy is a very creative mind, who thinks about things in a much different way than most people, and in this episode he lays out his process for approaching design & creating a product & experience people will resonate with. Towards the latter-half of the episode we discuss what the future looks like for himself and Rise Brands, and there’s even a special announcement on the company that hasn’t been told anywhere else yet – Boom, bang, boom!

Episode Milemarkers:

00:00:00 Intro to our guest, Troy Allen
00:23:00 Subscribe to Conquering Columbus
00:40:00 AWH
00:01:08 The SunDown Group
00:01:28 ProKure Klean
00:01:53 Conquering Columbus Intro Music
00:02:58 Background on Troy Allen
00:03:30 A typical day in the life
00:04:40 Childhood and earlier years
00:07:00 The path up until creating Elevate Thinking
00:09:45 Snow globe molotov cocktail
00:10:45 The process of designing brands and designing for brands
00:12:00 Transitioning from design to advertising
00:16:30 Elevate Thinking
00:27:30 We became an agency, and I didn’t enjoy coming to work anymore
00:28:20 16-Bit was a distraction
00:31:25 16-Bit, market research, and building an experience
00:36:20 Pins Mechanical, another distraction
00:41:00 It goes back to design, great product, and experience
00:41:30 Fox in the Snow shout out
00:42:20 How much advertising do you do for Rise Brands?
00:43:20 Troy admits Conquering Columbus is the biggest thing he’s been a part of all year
00:43:45 The future of Rise Brands
00:46:45 Breaking news on Conquering Columbus, you heard it hear first, yet again… Pins & Bigfoot
00:48:20 Evaluating new markets and knowing when to run with, or kill, a new idea
00:50:15 Mike does a horrible job asking what “Live Uncomfortably” means to Troy, Troy kills the answer
00:54:00 When do you know it’s time to kill an idea?
00:55:25 Closing Remarks
00:55:58 AWH
00:56:26 The SunDown Group
00:56:45 ProKure Klean
00:57:13 Conquering Columbus Outro Music


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Rise Brands
Elevate Thinking
Pins Mechanical
16-Bit Bar & Arcade
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