Episode 5 | Networking, Positive Feedback Loops, and Exponential Growth with Jay Clouse


Jay Clouse, Founder of MarketOSU and COO of Tixers, joins Josh and Mike to talk about founding a company and his current role as COO at Tixers. He gives some great advice on building your networking skills, and how continuously putting yourself in front of new people creates a positive feedback loop that leads to exponential growth for yourself personally and in business.

Show Milemarkers:

00:00 – Intros
01:48 – Jay talks startup week
06:00 – Why is Columbus “Test City U.S.A.?”
11:30 – Is the tech scene a bubble?
18:30 – Jay’s weekend starts on a Wednesday and he pitches his first company
25:50 – Jay, Josh, and Mike forget the initial question and the entire purpose of the conversation
26:00 – How Jay becomes involved in the community
27:37 – Putting yourself in uncomfortable places so you can grow
29:45 – Talk the least, but learn the most
31:15 – The tipping point with networking
33:05 – How Jay got involved with Tixers
36:10 – Launching Tixers
37:15 – Talking synergy with OneUp Sports
38:05 – Being a COO vs being a Founder
39:40 – US transportation grant – SMART City (Which Columbus won!)
41:10 – Blogging and making yourself vulnerable
42:15 – Josh’s key takeaways
44:13 – Wrapping up and closing remarks


Jay’s Website
SMART City Story

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