Episode 58 | Buy Local Buy Ohio: The Story of Traxler Printing


On this episode of Conquering Columbus we sat down with Zachary Traxler, CEO and Founder of Traxler Printing LLC. Zach walks us through his journey, from his upbringing in Athens, Ohio, to struggling with addiction in High School, and wrapping up with how he built Traxler Printing on the mantra of Buy Local Buy Ohio.

Mile Markers:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:30 – Subscribe to Conquering Columbus
00:00:45 – Our Sponsors
00:03:45 – First Questions and Zach’s background
00:04:45 – Growing up in Athens, OH
00:08:10 – Religion and Zach’s struggle with drugs and alcohol
00:10:55 – You can’t miss what you never had
00:12:35 – Addiction treatments from around the world
00:14:15 – How Zach monetized his hobbies growing up
00:17:40 – When did Zach first get involved with screen printing?
00:20:00 – How did studying photography help with starting Traxler Printing?
00:23:35 – Effective methods for door to door sales
00:27:15 – Zach’s experience at Manta
00:34:00 – Why Zach left Manta to start Traxler Printing
00:35:00 – Zach’s first customer
00:37:45 – Starting out and keeping the money local
00:40:30 – Buy Local Buy Ohio
00:42:15 – A typical day in Zach’s life
00:45:00 – Looking for the next big thing
00:47:10 – Traxler Printing and their work with non-profits
00:50:30 – Everybody cross-trains at Traxler
00:53:30 – The vision for Traxler Printing
00:55:50 – What does Live Uncomfortably mean to Zach?
00:58:00 – Closing Remarks, Subscribe to Conquering Columbus, and our sponsors
01:00:30 – END


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