Episode 63 | Alex Frommeyer and a 21st century approach to dental hygiene


Alex Frommeyer is the Founder and CEO of Beam Dental, a Columbus based dental company that employs a unique and state-of-the-art approach to dental coverage. In this episode, Alex takes us through his childhood years, where he initially discovered his passion for building things, his time in college where he built his first company with some of his best friends, his path to creating Beam Dental, what Beam Dental looks like todays (it’s mission, vision, biggest obstacles, and greatest successes), and what the future looks like for him and his team at the company!

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(00:00:00) Alex Frommeyer
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(00:00:53) AWH
(00:01:18) The SunDown Group
(00:01:38) Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
(00:02:15) Conquering Columbus Intro Music
(00:03:09) Intro to Alex Frommeyer
(00:04:16) Childhood
(00:09:20) Starting my first company with some of my best friends, as seniors in college
(00:13:30) The projects we were doing in our first company
(00:15:00) What was the long-term plan in the early days of your first company? Not taking big-boy jobs, and making sure my friends didn’t move away
(00:18:00) The start of Beam Dental
(00:21:00) The first business model of Beam (2012-2013)
(00:22:00) Making it to Columbus, our new business model, and meeting Drive Capital
(00:27:15) Pitching insurance companies, only to learn they weren’t ready for us and we needed to create our own insurance company
(00:31:00) Beam Dental present day and the customer experience
(00:33:00) Gaining customer engagement
(00:38:20) Targeting group insurance vs individuals
(00:40:30) Beam Dentures
(00:41:30) The challenge Beam is facing today
(00:44:00) Facebook has never crashed, side tangent
(00:44:30) The future goals for Beam
(00:49:00) Live Uncomfortably – small, windowless rooms with Conquering Columbus
(00:54:30) Closing remarks
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