Episode 7 | 20 Minutes with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank


Josh and Mike sit down with Kevin Harrington, who created the infomercial and was one of the original sharks from CNBC’s show Shark Tank. Take a listen as they ask Kevin a few questions about his life and experiences in business and the world.

Show Milermarkers:

00:00 – Intro
02:10 – What does Kevin’s typical day look like?
04:12 – How wrestling shaped Kevin’s outlook
08:30 – Taking a $25k investment and turning it into a $500 million dollar business
14:12 – “Your net worth is equal to your network.”
18:20 – The most successful business Kevin ever partnered with through Shark Tank
21:23 – How Kevin sees “Living uncomfortably.”
25:30 – End


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