Episode 71 | Roger Blackwell


Roger Blackwell has been a keynote speaker in over 3,000 business meetings across six continents – He’s a world-renowned marketing expert, and he’s worked with the likes of some of the most highly respected business leaders in the world, including Les Wexner and Jack Welch. Not to mention, he’s an all-around wealth of knowledge on every subject that you can imagine, in addition to marketing. In this episode, Roger takes us through his childhood, college, time as a professor, working as a consultant with companies like Kodak, and what his life is like today sitting on boards of small to mid-sized companies at all growth stages!

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(00:00:00) Mr. Roger Blackwell
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(00:03:55) Intro to Mr. Roger Blackwell
(00:04:43) A typical day in the life for Roger
(00:06:55) Roger’s childhood – life on the farm, and making as much as his friends parents by only 12-years old
(00:07:30) From radio broadcasting to lawyer to finding a love for teaching
(00:10:30) Solving peoples problems, network, and be willing to work for free for a certain period of time
(00:12:30) Landing an interview with Elvis
(00:13:30) “There’s nothing so practical about predicting and forecasting the future, than understanding what caused the past…”
(00:15:30) All readers are not leaders, but all leaders are readers
(00:17:00) The two questions that Sam Walton would ask all of his employees
(00:19:05) RogerBlackwellBusiness.com
(00:20:00) Choosing a Ph.D. program that concentrates on 5 areas, and basing my school choice off of the values of my professors
(00:21:45) Making it to Ohio State
(00:23:30) Choosing Northwestern’s Ph.D. over Harvard and Wharton
(00:25:00) Why are some countries very wealthy, while others are very poor? Why are some people rich, while others are very poor? Why are some companies successful, while others fail?
(00:27:00) Peter Kight and CheckFree
(00:36:30) The values of culture and building genuine relationships in business
(00:43:00) Being a professor and consultant projects
(00:50:15) Artificial Intelligence
(00:52:00) Balancing time between all of the different boards Roger sits on
(00:54:00) Working with Les Wexner and Jack Welch
(00:58:00) Live Uncomfortably – “I’m not a runner, but I’m a jogger”
(01:03:00) Closing Remarks
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  • The Conquering team is doing an awesome job identifying what drives inspiring leadership! Really impressed with Josh and Mike – keep going for the top guys!

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