Episode 74 | CEO of the James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute


Michael A. Caligiuri, MD, is director of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, chief executive officer of Ohio State’s James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, and holder of the John L. Marakas Nationwide Insurance Enterprise Foundation Chair in Cancer Research. He also is a professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and in the Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics in Ohio State’s College of Medicine. Additionally, he was recently named the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) President-Elect 2016-2017, which is the world’s oldest and largest association related to cancer research.

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(00:00:00) Dr. Michael A. Caligiuri
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(00:00:55) AWH
(00:01:20) The SunDown Group
(00:01:40) Kevin Stoller – Creating Better Learning Environments
(00:01:58) Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
(00:02:30) Conquering Columbus Intro
(00:03:30) Introduction to Dr. Michael A. Caligiuri
(00:04:45) A typical day in the life of Dr. Caligiuri – “How can I help you?”
(00:07:20) Background, childhood, and path to medical school
(00:10:30) From the University of Buffalo to Stanford Medical School at only 22 years old
(00:17:30) Key mentors while at Stanford
(00:19:30) “I never did better than the 50th percentile on any standardized test I took…”
(00:20:20) “I finished at the top of my class at Stanford, because there were no grades…”
(00:21:30) 1) You’re smart enough to do anything, with the right education 2) You have to work HARD 3) You have to get along with people
(00:23:10) Background on Dr. Caligiuri’s family
(00:25:00) First job at 8-years old
(00:30:00) Getting to The Ohio State University
(00;34:00) Recruiting the best talent in the world to Columbus, Ohio – How do you do it?
(00:36:30) Being elected as the President of the American Association of Cancer Research
(00:39:30) Success in research at Pelotonia & the Solove Research Institute (Check out Doug Ulman’s interview here!)
(00:41:45) Where are we at on the path to curing cancer? Building the Amazon of curing cancer
(00:43:40) Live uncomfortably
(00:45:55) Closing remarks
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(00:46:50) AWH
(00:47:15) The SunDown Group
(00:47:36) Facilities Mangement eXpress (FMX)
(00:48:07) Conquering Columbus Outro


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