Episode 78 | Blane Walter, Partner at Talisman and CEO/Founder of InChord Communications


On this episode of Conquering Columbus we sat down with Blane Walter, who is currently a partner at Talisman Capital Partners. Before joining Talisman, Blane was the founder and CEO of InChord Communications, which he grew to be the largest independently owned Healtcare Communications company in the world. We talk about his journey to where he is today, and how Blane has managed to find success along the way.

Mile Markers:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:36 – Subscribe to Conquering Columbus
00:01:00 – Our sponsors
00:03:22 – First questions and the “Typical,” day for Blane
00:05:45 – Blane’s path to founding InChord
00:07:00 – Why choose Boston College?
00:08:15 – Blane’s dad, Bob Walter, and the transformation of Cardinal Health
00:11:15 – GSW, the first company Blane ever bough
00:13:10 – Choosing your focus market and first projects
00:15:40 – Bringing the whole company for the pitch!
00:16:40 – Keep a competitor around to provide perspective
00:17:20 – Strategies that set InChord apart from competitors
00:19:35 – One solution for all of your marketing needs
00:22:00 – The globalization of the healthcare market
00:24:00 – InChord + Ventiv = InVentiv Health
00:29:45 – Blane’s first earnings call: August, 2008
00:33:25 – Taking the company private when the public market isn’t helpful
00:35:40 – From InVentiv to Talisman Capital Partners
00:38:45 – Blane’s investment focus
00:42:00 – Blane’s thoughts on Columbus and the healthcare startup community
00:44:00 – What does Live Uncomfortably mean to you?
00:45:15 – Closing remarks, Subscribe to Conquering Columbus, and our sponsors
00:48:07 – END


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