Episode 83 | Advanced Sales Performance & Cultivating Leadership


Amy Franko is a keynote speaker, consultant, and thought-leader in the world of sales and leadership training/development. She is also the Founder and President of Impact Instruction Group, which works with growth-oriented B2B companies to advance sales performance and cultivate future leaders amongst its employees! In the episode, we cover her background, growing up, her college experience, her first few jobs out of college, how those first few jobs helped her prepare to create her own company, what her and her team at Impact Instruction Group are focused on and where they’re providing the most value today, and finally what the future looks like for her and her team at Impact Instruction Group!

Episode Milemarkers:

(00:00:00) Intro to the show
(00:00:30) Subscribe to Conquering Columbus!
(00:00:46) Our sponsors, the Sundown Group and FMX
(00:01:45) Do you want to sponsor Conquering Columbus?
(00:03:00) Introducing Amy Franko, Founder and President at Impact Instruction Group
(00:04:00) Amy’s early life and family
(00:06:15) Why Amy loves team sports
(00:06:45) College at Dayton and going to a new place to find your identity
(00:08:45) Starting in inside sales and coming to Columbus
(00:10:35) Amy’s pivot into an IT role and coming back to sales
(00:13:15) How to gain new experiences in your career
(00:18:00) Founding Impact Instruction Group
(00:19:15) Learning to develop sales training
(00:21:00) How Amy’s day to day has changed
(00:24:00) Amy’s first client and how the business has grown
(00:26:10) What separates Impact Instruction Group from the competition?
(00:27:30) How has the team grown since the company first started?
(00:28:40) The future of Impact Instruction Group
(00:30:00) Self Improvement tactics for the New Year!
(00:32:10) The importance of good coaching
(00:34:30) What Live Uncomfortably means to Amy
(00:37:00) Wrapping up and Subscribe!
(00:37:30) Thanks again to the Sundown Group and FMX!
(00:39:21) END


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