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Ken Gold, Chief Executive Officer, has more than 35 years of real estate development and brokerage experience. In that time, he has built a strong reputation as a real estate development professional who brings something different to the table — creative solutions and uncompromising integrity. Not to mention, he’s also a leading real estate professor at The Ohio State University. Gold has been and continues to be the company’s guiding force enabling Skilken to attract and retain development opportunities with some of the nation’s preeminent retailers including Kroger, CVS, Walmart and Publix. In this episode, he takes us through his path to where he is today, how the real estate market has changed over the last 35-years (and where it’s headed), and finally we end with what the future looks like for him and his team at SkilkenGold.


(00:00:00) Ken Gold, CEO at SkilkenGold
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(00:02:00) Conquering Columbus Intro
(00:02:55) Introduction to Ken Gold, CEO at SkilkenGold
(00:03:50) One thing that’s constant about the real estate development industry is change
(00:05:45) Ken’s path to SkilkenGold (Skilken Properties at the time)
(00:10:15) Ken’s path climbing the ranks through Skilken Properties, fresh out of his MBA
(00:12:00) Ken’s insight on when (and if) to get your masters or MBA
(00:14:17) From Skilken Properties to SkilkenGold
(00:17:30) Ken brought the retail to a company full of contractors and builders, focused on relationships, and found a mentor
(00:21:00) How has the real estate industry changed over the last 35-years?
(00:25:45) Identifying trends in the real estate market and capitalizing on them
(00:27:55) At SkilkenGold, every project is different
(00:30:05) The connection between eCommerce and retail real estate markets
(00:38:30) Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods
(00:39:30) The future of SkilkenGold
(00:47:45) Live Uncomfortably
(00:50:25) Final words and advice for our listeners, “life is good”
(00:51:50) Closing remarks
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