Episode 89 | F13 Works, Building the Future of eCommerce


Chris Sentz is the CEO @ F13 Works, a company centered around bridging the gap between manufacturers and e-commerce websites. F13 Works provides manufacturers, drop-shippers and order fulfillers of all types with a connection to millions of online stores. Orders from third-party sites will seamlessly enter their production process and payments will be automatically processed. In this episode, Chris takes us through his childhood, college experience, professional career post-college, path to creating F13 Works, and what the future looks like for him and his team at F13 works!


(00:00:00) Chris Sentz, CEO @ F13 Works
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(00:00:45) The SunDown Group
(00:01:05) Faciliteis Management eXpress (FMX)
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(00:01:55) Conquering Columbus Outro
(00:02:53) Introduction to Chris Sentz
(00:03:20) Background on Chris and a brief look into his childhood
(00:06:30) Chris’ first business and path to entrepreneurship
(00:10:00) Chris’ first job after college and “traditional” career path
(00:13:00) The intricate dynamics of early online/eCommerce marketing
(00:14:45) From Stanley Steamer to F13 Works
(00:19:00) The two sides of F13 Works
(00:22:30) The evolution of F13 Works from creation to today
(00:26:00) Understanding what F13 Works does, in detail
(00:29:00) Vetting the users of the F13 Works platform to provide maximum value and scale quickly
(00:30:00) SaaS business model and F13 Works monetization structures
(00:31:15) Working with Rev1 Ventures
(00:33:30) The Beast Master himself
(00:37:30) General advice for our young professional and entrepreneurial listener base
(00:38:30) Live Uncomfortably
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(00:40:00) The SunDown Group
(00:40:22) Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
(00:40:52) Conquering Columbus Outro


Chris Sentz
F13 Works
Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
The SunDown Group
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