Episode 99 | roll: Bicycle Company


Born in Edinboro, Scotland, Stuart Hunter eventually found his way to Columbus, Ohio where he founded the company roll: Bicycle Company. Sparked from a poor experience trying to find a bike for himself, Stuart set out to develop a more user-centric bicycle-buying experience, built on the skills that he gained from years of consumer design construction at Fitch. Today, roll: Bicycle Company takes a tailored-fit approach to selling bicycles to it’s customers, beginning with the reasons why you want to ride, while simultaneously incorporating sophisticated analytical tools to eventually give you your perfect bike. As commerce market conditions shift quickly, they aspire to become a fully vertically integrated bicycle company and capitalize on the changes that are ahead in their industry.


(00:00:00) Stuart Hunter, Founder & CEO at roll: Bicycle Company
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(00:00:52) The SunDown Group
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(00:02:03) Conquering Columbus intro music
(00:02:58) Introduction to Stuart Hunter, CEO of roll: Bicycle Company
(00:03:30) A typical day in Stuart’s life
(00:06:00) Stuart’s childhood and path to Columbus
(00:08:20) Stuart’s perspective as a child, growing up outside of the U.S., versus his children’s experience in the U.S.
(00:10:20) From Nottingham to London
(00:11:30) Climbing the ranks at Fitch
(00:15:00) Peru
(00:16:00) I was enjoying the journey: from London, to Peru, to Columbus, to San Francisco, and then back to Columbus
(00:17:30) The path back to Columbus, NCT Ventures
(00:19:50) Creating roll: Bicycle Company
(00:22:00) Designing an experience & differentiating roll: Bicycle Company
(00:25:00) Creating value with roll: Bicycle Company by understanding the end-users at a deeper (and different) level
(00:29:15) The roll: Bicycle Company experience
(00:31:15) How customers have reacted to roll: Bicycle Company approach so far
(00:35:55) What the future looks like for roll: Bicycle Company
(00:38:15) The biggest challenges in roll: Bicycle Company’s future
(00:39:20) Stuart’s personal goals for the future
(00:41:00) Live Uncomfortably
(00:42:45) Closing remarks
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roll: Bicycle Company
Stuart Hunter
Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)
The SunDown Group
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