Episode 2 | The Iron Cowboy – 50 Ironmans. 50 States. 50 Days. 


Take a journey inside the life and mind of James Lawrence as he accomplishes the impossible. James has set three world records so far during his lifetime – the first was an accident, the second wasn’t enough, and the third was downright impossible. In this episode you’ll get to hear how the Iron Cowboy became who he is today, from childhood to adulthood, how he found endurance sports, and what his goals are now, after crushing questionably the hardest endurance-related world record known to date.


00:00 – Intro & Background
02:50 – Younger days, other sports, & relationship with wrestling
07:00 – Mike messes up the audio
07:30 – James’ intro to endurance sports
10:30 – Goals
12:00 – Mike messes up James’ first world record year
12:30 – Breaking his first world record… On accident
14:30 – Josh forgets his question
15:00 – Breaking the full Ironman world record and realizing “it wasn’t enough”
17:00 – Josh remembers question & makes bad hipster joke
17:15 – James’ “why” and how to hold yourself accountable
21:00 – Importance of having a team, embracing the journey, and being flexible in your approach (including ultra-athlete tommy rivers)
27:00 – Falling asleep on a bike & “not understanding why!?”
31:00 – Being curious, staying out of a routine, facing your fears, Logan Stieber shout out, and not comparing yourself to the current standard
33:00 – How life has changed for James. How James’ daughter is tougher than most grown men. Coaching. Being coached. New goals moving forward
38:00 – Adversity
40:30 – Potatoes have a bad rep, stop it, and RODs Racing
43:45 – Are ultra-endurance sports good for you? Josh gets James’ diet wrong, James corrects Josh politely and tells about what he eats on a regular Matt Fitzgerald & Diet Cults. Sugar tastes GOOD!
50:30 – Closing Remarks


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